Paradise Lost

On Paradise Avenue
A dog watches
The world pass by
Confined to a dry patch of earth
By a short heavy chain

A dog listens while
Inside people laugh
Glasses clink
Life is lived

A dog sighs
Licks parched lips
Rests his head on dusty paws
Longing to go inside
And join the family


I write to be free
To communicate in a way
Which makes my quiet self
Most comfortable
When spoken words fail me

I write to relieve
The stress
Of fighting battles each and every day
To celebrate victories
And to ease the pain of loss

I write because
I need to write
It is my way of sharing
My truth

A kiss is just a kiss

It was just a kiss
Soft, sweet, gentle
But it led to another
Longer, harder, wetter
That led to a third
Hot, desperate, heart poundingly good

It was just a kiss
That caused me to close my eyes
Brush your cheek with swollen lips
And whisper
I love you